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Covid-19 vs. JBN

In our company, the strictest hygienic measures were taken to ensure the safety of employees, customers and suppliers. All areas and buildings are disinfected often, of course it is mandatory to wear personal protective facecloth.
The production in our company is full keeped!
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die Presse Müller 300t

Inbetriebnahme Presse Müller SE 300.25.1.1 in unserer Gesellschaft (Tischabmessungen 2500 x 1600mm, Hubhöhe 600mm)
lis Muller 300 ton (2.500x1600mm)
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3D Messen

Messen Teilen nach Belieben des Kundes

  • Messen nach 2D oder 3D Daten in dem laufenden Formaten
  • Abgabe: JBN Protokol mit 3D Einsicht oder anderen kundespezifish Protokol
  • maximal Maesse: 500 x 650 x 1600 mm,  maximal Gewicht: 700 kg

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